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The power of thoughts

Updated: Jul 31, 2020

We don't have to be at the mercy of our thoughts. Often we are unaware of the power our thoughts. But they are the beginning of everything. The first thing I want to mention is that thoughts are automatic and shaped by our experiences. They are still quite a mystery from a neuroscientific point of view, but definitely happen behind the scenes. Important to note: YOU ARE NOT YOUR THOUGHTS! We have a tendency to link them to our identity, which is why they can cause us such turmoil.

These 'harmless' automatic thoughts will have a chain effect. Your thoughts turn into words. The words turn into action. Actions turn into your ingrained habits. The habits form your character. Your character determines your experience of life and your future. I know it sounds dramatic, but if you follow these steps, and slowly change your thinking, it impacts your life more than you might think. When are thoughts are negative and out-of-control and we are unaware of their impact on our emotions and our mood, you lose the power of determining how you experience life. When you gain control again, it means regardless of circumstances on the outside we can manage our emotions in a gentle but powerful way. You get an 'aha!' moment. In the present, you'll realise. For example: 'these are the thoughts that led to these emotions, behind the veil of anxiety, the reason I feel like this is...'.

Our thoughts, emotions and actions are all inter-linked. But why does this matter? What is the real life application? I was forced to implement this for months when my anxiety started to become very intense. I remember feeling so sceptical when I began. Speaking from the other side, I wish I could have told the past-me to just try it! What have you got to lose? Just because we don't understand something from a scientific point of view and it feels foreign does not mean it is not valuable and will not change our lives for the better.

See my next post on what you can do to break the unhelpful thinking cycles...

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